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31 May 2011

bang bang bang

steven chee for the ellery gazette


understand it all

sorry kids, four too many drinks at a 21st and a mountain of uni assignments took over my weekend and monday. but i've got some julia to make it up to. living proof an all black ensemble with a pink lip is all you need.


27 May 2011

lasting love

elle uk is one of my favourite magazines and has been for the past four years. the cover for july 2011 looks fantastic!


the kids don't stand a chance

alexander wang's niece. the cutest thing i have ever seen.

a momentary happiness

no money

procrastination purchase. i've always needed a skirt like this cheap monday one. it was only $45 + 
free shipping so why not righhhht?


26 May 2011

the sweets

if you havn't already guessed, it's end of semester assessment time. and by four assignments in the next six days, i actually mean lots of procrastination blogging and bloglovin. so here's some eye candy from today...

terrysdiary, tumblr, fashioncanvas, tumblr

another day

rosie is so bloody hot. and she does casual so bloody well. seriously love this all black combo + fedora.



clemence vs kanye in celine.

vanillascented, various

25 May 2011

run the world

who saw beyonce's performance at the billboard awards? it's such a terrible song, but her performance is aaaaamazing!

chief of sun


24 May 2011


about two weeks ago i told you all i was going to purchase the jeffrey campbell el carmen platforms to make up for the fact that i cant afford those amazing prada platforms. and i did. i even added a pair of jc's black mariel wedges to the order. i was super excited and thanks to revolveclothing's free and super speedy shipping, the shoes arrived today. BUT, to my horror, they are both too big. AND, they are now sold out everywhere, the next batch not dropping until july 31st.

so, after eating three too many mint slices and reluctantly putting both shoes up on ebay, i decided i needed a little retail therapy. in the form of lingerie, apparently.  yes, i purchased five different sets from the elle macpherson intimates collection. no, i don't have a boyfriend. maybe we're talking around $500 worth of lingerie. maybe we're not.

if you live in australia and close to a DFO, you really shouldn't be buying you're lingerie from anywhere but the bendon factory outlet. i spent $200 on what would be over $500 in david jones. they stock a bunch of different brands from bendon to elle macpherson, and have the almost exact same stock as djs and myer.

so if you're feeling a little saucy, and want to spend your money wisely, lingerie is the perfect investment.


how good it cannes be

kirsten dunst, emily browning and karolina kurkova at the 2011 cannes film festival. loving the nude/pastel colour choices!

23 May 2011


so jealous of this whole situation. julia restoin-roitfeld in cannes for the cannes film festival. can i please be her? im absolutely obsessed with her. to me, she can do no wrong. and don't even get me started on her mum (ex french vogue editor carine, pictured below with kanye) or her bf robert konjic. drool.


21 May 2011

girl you chew my mind up

chloe sevigny by kenneth cappello for twin magazine #4


20 May 2011

world news

there's only two things you need to know about me. i eat tuna for breakfast everyday, and i think tom ford is god. if you're still reading, obviously neither facts require any sort of justification, and why would they?

tuna and i have been seeing each other for about three years now, but it wasn't until last year, when i had to write a research essay for my contemporary fashion uni subject, that tom and i really hit it off. i focused on pastiche in fashion, and ford's transformation of the house of gucci in the 1990s. let me just say, the man's a genius. but you already knew that. if not, i beg you to watch a single man. you'll be both impressed and seduced, there's no doubt about it.

it's a good thing you didn't ask for any sort of justification, because from ford's immaculate style and perfected aesthetic to his unique mind and business sense, i wouldn't know where to start. all i know is there is absolutely no one else like him. recently selected as one of time magazine's top 100 people of 2011, ford is held in the highest regard and is respected by fashionistas worldwide. kinda similar to the divine; the holy; god.


19 May 2011

electric bloom

look what came in the mail this week! thank you karen walker.

15 May 2011

what's a girl to do

i seriously wish fur and brisbane agreed with each other. must invest in a gilet!


14 May 2011

see you later alligator

i've only been around for about a month, but currently i am an 'anonymous' blogger. and i would like things to stay this way. so instead of posting photos of myself to show you what i'm wearing, i'll use polyvore and aim to accurately replicate outfits. with the rapidly evolving online retail environment, i should only really have to find alternatives for items that i have owned for years. 

i wore this outfit to a friend's 21st dinner party. i am in love love love with this shakuhachi dress and it's so flattering! i paired it with my jessica simpsons (yes, these actually came before the jeffrey campbells), a peter lang cocktail ring (which almost outshines the dress) and a dark navy witchery clutch from 2006, similar to the one seen below.

shakuhachi alligator up down dress $200
kotur "mini adre" black snake clutch $520
peter lang ring $98
jessica simpson shoes $99

10 May 2011

kiss of death

bold vs nude at rafw 11/12

catch my disease

i actually hate knightcat for posting these stylenanda babies. i want all the colours, but i think i'll settle with grey (or pink!?). stylenanda is a korean company which has some amazing basics, most of which are reasonably priced. theres a blazer, a dress, a skirt, a bag and some flats all on my wishlist. check it out here.

08 May 2011

colour us with youth

camilla and marc s/s 2011/12
still love love loving the colour blocking trend (even if it is everywhere).
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07 May 2011

such great heights

 i think i've found an satisfactory alternative for the unattainable prada platforms i would die for (but can't afford). meet jeffrey campbell's el carmen. ok , ok, they look nothing alike, but they'll do.

black and blue; unknown

06 May 2011

we all get dressed for bill

diane von fustenburg once said "everything in fashion begins in the street", and if our current obsession with street style is anything to go by, miss dvf was definitely onto something. but before scott schuman, garance dore and tommy ton, there was bill cunningham. and his bike. i discovered bill at the brisbane international film festival last year, when a friend took me to see the documentary, bill cunningham new york. it's such a sweet film and an absolute must see. bill has a very unique way of looking at, and describing, style, and he has quietly influenced the fashions of millions worldwide.

05 May 2011

now i know i can shine a light

i never thought watching an episode of ally mcbeal at 3am would get me on the white blazer bandwagon, but portia de rossia rocking a white suit with a top bun and red lips seriously tickled my fancy.

unknown; thehautepursuit; lisaho; garancedore

04 May 2011

red wine success; unknown

bring me flowers

absolutely adored the flowers interwoven into the therese rawsthorne collection.