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09 August 2011


droooool. aje's the patchwork romantic. love the colour palette.

08 August 2011


loving prints!

04 August 2011

you are a cinema i could watch you forever

i'm actually dying from overdose of gucci. love every single one of these dresses!

03 August 2011

ready to start

watch this face: krystal glynn

02 August 2011

colours of the wind

seriously loving pink and red clash of late. hello tonyb wedges.

29 July 2011

gangsta's paradise

even kate moss is at splendour!?

in my place

can't be there because i'm too poor. but i can dream about being there. splendour in the grass. i love festival fashion!

26 July 2011


i've been scouring the internet for streetstyle blogs today and i found a new love, the locals. it's streetstyle in copenhagen. it's everyday people with fantastic style. one of my best friends is going there on monday to do uni exchange for a semester. totally jell. they really are incredibly good lookers and dressers.


25 July 2011

bang bang bang

jane birkin. there's more to thank her for than charlotte gainsbourg and lou doillon.

24 July 2011

full circle

i thought i was over the pleated maxi skirt but then i saw this...

20 July 2011

15 July 2011

dreaming of another day

ohhhh marghertia and missoni.


14 July 2011

on the road

only ten days left of winter holidays, how depressing. this semester i'm going to be super busy with uni, work experience and trying to save for my trip to europe in january (ahhh so excited), so it's time for some organisation. i going redo my desk and i am loving the simplicity of this one!


control yourself

i like this - "7. others are merely mirrors of you: you cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects to you something you love or hate about yourself".

hook and line

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