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24 July 2012

it's our curse

yes she cannes cannes. natasha poly in cannes.


22 July 2012

im delicious to maximum

splendour essential: floral crown


21 July 2012

everybody knew that we had too much fun

i've been on the hunt for splendour outfit inspiration for the past week or two so and it seems a parka and hunters are essentials. tick and tick.


20 July 2012

he sleeps alone

party people. louis vuitton opens in shanghai.

harper's bazaar au, buro247

19 July 2012

being as in love with you as i am

hello hair. ginta lapina and kasia struss are at it again.

17 July 2012

video games

lana love. im actually obsessed.


15 July 2012

you fit me better than my favourite sweater

i need a jacket for splendour stat a la ginta lapina and kasia struss.


14 July 2012

05 July 2012

everywhere i look i just see you on your own

ohhhhh riccardo tisci, your givenchy haute couture never ceases to amaze me. and i'll never forget that fall 2010 collection.

fall 2012

spring 2012

fall 2011

spring 2011

fall 2010

04 July 2012

what comes after this, momentary bliss?

what miroslava wore in june. here's hoping platforms are here to stay.