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30 April 2011

teenage dream

just watched lords of dogtown. so good. love everything skater surfer seventies about it. just like i love these snaps by hugh holland from his book locals only: california skateboarding 1975-1978.

27 April 2011

something good can work

im a red head fan from way back, but the moment i saw emma stone on the red carpet at the golden globes earlier this year, i was stunned. yes, maybe there was too much fake tan, but the girl looked banging. she'd hired a new stylist, petra flannery, who dressed her in an amazing peach calvin klein dress that simply demanded attention. flannery has since made it no secret that the actress does a good pastel, recently styling emma for the conde nast traveler annual hot list party in a pale blue beaded preen dress. many think the colour washed emma out, but i think petra flannery nailed it. 

 emma stone at the 2011 golden globes in calvin klein

 emma stone at the conde naste traveler annual hot list party in preen

26 April 2011

all i want

so we all know i'm no anna della russo (yet), but you should also know that i'm definitely no jane aldridge. my sea of shoes could not even be classified as a rain puddle. i mean, i haven't even got a pair of hunters yet (my aim is to have them by splendour). but these bad boys need to be added to my collection. chloe sevigny for opening ceremony mary jo platform booties. $495. let the saving begin.

when i grow up i want to be...

you may have met me before. but back then i was a slacker and had commitment issues. seasons have past and im 21 now. totally mature, and legal worldwide. watch out, im about to become a totally dedicated fashion blogger. my dream is to be anna della russo. this vogue nippon editor-at-large apparently owns over 4000 pairs of shoes. that's my type of lady. then there's her clothes. and her bags. and her jewels. oh and just her in general. you can thank tommy ton for these snaps.